Thursday, March 1, 2012

Acrobat -- Create Custom Links from Text

Direct purchase using PayPal ($60 only per license)!
Direct purchase of the Standalone version using PayPal ($120 only per license)!

Update II: There's now a free demo version of the stand-alone tool available. This version is identical to the full tool, but it will only create the first 3 links from the first 3 items in your list.

Update: Now available is a Standalone version of this tool, which runs independently of Acrobat and is therefore much more suited for processing large amounts of files, files with a lot of text in them or long lists of items to link. If you need to use this tool extensively, this is the version for you.

Let's say you have a PDF and you want to link all the instances of your name to your website, or all the times the words "Index" appear to the first page of the file, or even to a index.pdf file located elsewhere on your computer... Doing so would require going over them one by one, creating a link over each one, setting its properties, its action, etc. In short, a pain in the neck...

This is why I created this new tool, which you can use to automatically add links of various types of your PDF files.
The tool will read in an input file, for example a CSV file exported from Excel, with the search terms and the properties for each of those links, and will continue to create those links.

The possible actions the links can perform are:
  •  Open a web page
  •  Go to a specific page
  •  Open a file
  •  Open a relative file
  •  Open an attached file
  •  Go to a named destination
In addition, you can set the following properties for each link:
  •  Visibility: A visible or invisible rectangle
  •  Highlight Style: None, Invert, Outline or Inset/Push
  •  Line Thickness: Thin, Medium, Thick
  •  Color: Black, White, Red, Green, Blue or Yellow.

When you purchase this tool it comes with the complete specification of how to set up the input file, as well as a sample one.

This tool even comes with a batch process (aka Action), which allows you to add the links you wish to add to multiple files, with just a single click (provided you have the Pro version of Acrobat).

For more information about this tool you can contact me directly.


Richard said...

I purchased the Create Links From Text program after working some 20 hours on linking multiple choice questions to 97 out of 280 illustrations. This took me nearly 18 hours to do manually. With the Create Links program I was able to set up my needed CSV file in about 15 minutes. Within 45 seconds or running the Links program, not only were the remaining 193 illustration linked to their appropriate questions, but I created a link on EACH of the 360 question pages back to the table of contents. This was important for me because the Button link would not work with my encryption program which allow me to sell the eBook on the web. The Links program worked far beyond my expectation and working with the programmer to modify the app to my special needs was great. JOB WELL DONE.


a-harvey said...

Great script, does exactly what it says. I needed a tweak to the script and the developer did this, great support and one of the most helpful developers I have purchased such things from.

I totally recommend anyone to any of the scripts as I am sure they all work as described and if not the developer deals with any issues in lightning speed.

Really pleased to have found this site, its saved me a huge amount of time.