Monday, May 28, 2018

Convert Portfolio PDF to Normal PDF

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PDF Portfolios are a common way of distributing multiple PDF files, bundled under a single file, but sometimes it's easier to a have a single PDF file with all the pages in it, one after another.
Some possible reasons to do that are to send the file to a viewer that doesn't support Portfolios, or to convert a Flash-based Portfolio file to a regular PDF, that doesn't require the now-defunct Flash technology.

Unfortunately, there's no simple way of converting a PDF Portfolio to a "normal" PDF file in Adobe Acrobat, so I've developed a tool that allows you to do it with a single click.
This tool will even add bookmarks to the new file, pointing to the first page of each of the original PDFs.

Important: This tool does NOT work on files that contain digital signatures!

For example, here's a sample PDF Portfolio file in Adobe Acrobat:

The original Portfolio, with 5 files in it
We run the script on it from the Edit menu:

And the resulting file is a "normal" PDF, containing all the pages of the original Portfolio, in the right order and with bookmarks, pointing to each file:

The resulting file
The file is converted and saved under a new name, in the same folder as the original Portfolio.

If you have any questions about this tool, you can contact me directly.