Sunday, September 23, 2018

Acrobat -- Scale PDF Pages (Non-Proportionally)

Direct purchase using PayPal ($60 only per license)!

This new tool is a companion to my older Scale Pages tool, but whereas the old tool could scale pages in the same ratio as the original, this one allows you to scale your PDF pages non-proportionally, meaning they can have whatever ratio you'd like.

For example, let's take this file I created with an image:

Original PDF file with non-scaled image (see dimensions in bottom left corner)

If we click on the tool's button on the right, this dialog will appear, allowing us to select which pages to scale, and to what new size:

The script's settings dialog
We enter the new size we want the images to have:


And then we click OK, and the document is immediately transformed:

The scaled image, notice the new page dimensions
If we wish we can do the same, but just for some of the pages:

 The result (I zoomed out so you could see that only pages 1 and 3 were scaled, not 2):

As always, if you have any questions about this tool, you can contact me directly.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Acrobat -- Create Bookmarks from Titles

Direct purchase using PayPal ($75 only per license)!

Or you can buy this tool together with Create TOC from Bookmarks, for just $99 for the pair!

Another Update (12/09/2018): A free demo version of this tool is now available. It will create up to 3 titles in the first 10 pages of the file.

Another Update (30/10/2014): It's now also possible to specify the maximum font size to be used for detecting the titles in the file, as well as to remove the existing bookmarks when running the tool.

Update: The tool can now process up to 999 pages, instead of just 99... Also, a new feature has been added to it where you can select which pages to process (skipping ones that you don't want to bookmark, like the cover or index pages, for example), and also specifying the minimum font size to consider as a title. So if you know that the titles in your file are at least 10-points large, you can tell the script to ignore anything smaller than that.

This tool tries to bring order to messy PDF files by identifying the title (or heading) on each page and creating a bookmark to match it.

Many articles, manuals and books are created without a proper bookmarks structure, and sometimes even without a Table of Contents (TOC). This tool tries to fix that creating a bookmarks structure based on the most important title that appears on each page your file. If multiple pages contain the same title, only the first one will be considered, since it doesn't make sense to have identical bookmarks pointing to each page.

After the script identifies the candidate titles, it will display a set of dialogs with the text found for each page of the document. You can tick each page on or off, and even edit the text. At the end, the bookmarks you selected will be created, and will automatically point to their matching pages.

Let's look at an example: We have a file without any bookmarks in it. We run the script from the menu item it added under "Tools":

(click to enlarge)