Friday, July 16, 2010

Reader -- Spell Check Suite

Direct purchase using PayPal ($99 per license)!

This is an adjusted version of my Acrobat Spell-Chekcer Suite (See:, which works in the free Adobe Reader applications.

It contains almost all of the features of the original tool, such as:
- Spell-checking using all the dictionaries installed in Reader, provided the file has Content Extraction and Commenting rights enabled.
- Spell-check an entire document or a range of pages (1,2,4-12, 15, etc.)
- Use of the Zones feature, which allows you to select which parts of a page to spell-check.
- Adding one or more (in a comma-separated list) words to a dictionary.
- Removing one, multiple, or all words from a dictionary.
- Displaying a list of the words added to/removed from the dictionary.
- Removing all spell-checker results from a file.

For more information about this tool you can contact me directly.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Acrobat -- Apply Page Rotations to Multiple Pages

Direct purchase using PayPal ($50 per license)!

With this script you can apply page rotations (90°, 180°, 270°) to one or more pages. The beauty of it is that you can enter single page numbers, or page ranges, and the script will apply the rotations to all of them in a single go.

Here's how it looks like:

If you're interested, the same concept can be applied to other things as well, for example page transitions.

For more infromation about this tool, you can contact me directly.