Saturday, June 27, 2009

Acrobat -- Create Hyperlinks from a CSV

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Similar to my earlier Add Hyperlinks to Text script, only this one can be used with a CSV file, or just a regular text file which contains key-terms and URLs.

This script will scan the entire file for these key terms and make each of them into a link to the appropriate site.

A batch version of this script is also available for processing multiple files with a single go.

If you're interested in purchasing this script, contact me directly.

Acrobat -- Create Links from Partial URLs

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Acrobat can automatically add links to text such as or, but not to "partial" links such as ""... Well, this script can do it.
It will scan an entire document and automatically detect and create links to websites based on the underlying text.

Update: This script now includes a Batch Process (or Action) that allows you to run it on multiple files. Requires Acrobat Pro.

If you have any questions regarding this tool, contact me directly.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Illustrator -- Search and Replace Text

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This script introduces a basic feature that is missing from Illustrator. It allows you to search and replace text items in your current file, or in all open files.

You can use this tool for plain-text searches (replace "cat" with "dog") or even use Regular Expressions for your search (replace all instances of a four-digit number with another number).
The tool will process all the text frames in the file (or files) and will report how many changes it made when done.

For more information about this tool you can contact me directly.