Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Batch Edit File Links in PDF Files

Direct purchase using PayPal ($75 only per license)!

SPECIAL OFFER (This tool + Batch Edit URL Links):
Direct purchase using PayPal ($100 only for both licenses)!

Update (26-02-2019): This tool now supports editing links to external PDF files, while maintaining the target page or Named Destination used.

Update (25-06-2014): Yet another new feature! The tool now allows you to select which elements to process: Link objects, form fields, or even (and this is the new feature) bookmarks.

Update (22-06-2014): Another new feature in both the full version and the free demo version: A new button that allows you to write out all the file links in your files to a text file, so you can see what kind of links are used in your file, whether they're relative or absolute, and know how best to edit them.

Update (20-06-2014): Now available is a free demo version of this tool, which will process up to 3 links/form fields in the first 3 files in the selected folder.

This new stand-alone tool is very similar to my other tool, Batch Edit URL Links, only this one allows you to edit the file paths of either links or buttons.

Using this tool you can edit all the "Open a file" actions in all of the links or buttons in an entire folder of PDF files so that they point to a new location. For example, imagine you moved your linked files from one server ("File_Server") to a new one ("New_Server"). You run the tool, enter the following settings, and all of the PDF files in the selected folder are edited in seconds:

The application window (click to enlarge)

Another possible way of using this tool is to convert relative file links (which are created by default in Acrobat), to absolute links. So if you have a link pointing to "../../MyFile.pdf" and you want it to point to a fixed path, like "C:\Reference Files\MyFile.pdf", you can use this tool to do that as well.
Of course, the other way around is possible too.

And now this tool is offered as a special of a special offer: You can buy it together with the other batch tool for just $100, instead of the usual price of $150 (for both). Use the Buy Now button at the top of the page to enjoy this great deal!

If you have any questions regarding this tool, you can contact me directly.