Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Acrobat -- Combine Even-Odd Pages

Direct purchase using PayPal ($50 per license)!

Update (13/03/2018): Now available is a free demo version of this tool, that will merge up to 5 pages.

This script will take two existing PDF files and interleave (collate) their pages into a new file, so that the pages from the first document will become the odd pages (1,3,5,7...) and the pages from the second document will become the even pages (2,4,6,8...) of the new file.

New Feature:  It is now also possible to merge a file containing odd pages in ascending order (1,3,5,7...) with a file containing even pages in descending order (8,6,4,2...). This is particularly useful if you scan a stack of pages, turn then over and then scan the reverse side in the opposite order.

For more information about this tool, you can contact me directly.


Anonymous said...
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Gilad D. (try67) said...
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carmeloamores said...


it also works on Acrobat Pro XI for Mac?

And also, black friday discont?

Thank you

Gilad D. (try67) said...


Yes, it does work on a Mac, like all of my scripts.
Regarding a discount, contact me by email and I'll see what I can do for you...


Jay Gould said...

Thanks so much for this, it saves me hours. AND works perfectly in the most recent (DC) version of Acrobat. Does its work in a second or less.

Jay Gould said...

Works great even on the latest version. Saved me hours this afternoon! Does its thing in a second or less (for 135 page document).