Sunday, January 18, 2009

Illustrator 10 -- Extract and Import text from mutiple files

This script is an improvement to a previous one... for the moment only for Illustrator version 10, but I'm working on one for the newer Illustrator versions as well.

This script will extract text captions from an entire folder of AI or EPS files and save them to a text or CSV file (which can then be edited in Excel or just a plain text editor). The captions can later on be imported automatically back to the same location as the original text. This is a perfect tool for various translation workflows.


Razvan said...

I cannot see the script and I need it badly.

try67 said...

Hi, Razvan.
The reason you can't see the script is because it's not here. You can purchase it from me if you're interested in it. Contact me by email for more info (my address is at the top of each page)