Thursday, April 14, 2011

Acrobat -- Batch Rename PDF Files Based on Content or Metadata

Using this script you can batch rename (if you have Acrobat Pro, of course) a bunch of PDF files based on their content or metadata.

The version of this tool that uses metadata can be purchased using this link: Buy Now

You can use the following parameters in it:
  • Original file name
  • Title
  • Author
  • Subject
  • Keywords
  • Number of pages

When you run the batch process for the first time, you will need to enter the pattern to use for the new file name. It looks like this:

Then you run the batch process (or Action, as it's called in Acrobat X) on your files, and they will all be automatically re-saved using the pattern you specified.
A menu item allows you to reset the pattern, in case you want to use a different one.

For the version of this tool that uses the file's contents, please contact me directly.

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