Friday, November 4, 2011

Acrobat -- Create Popup Images

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This script will make your standard PDF file much more dynamic and interactive.
It allows you to insert "popup" images that appear whenever the user clicks a certain phrase, or even just hovers with the mouse above it! The image disappears when the mouse is clicked again, or moved away, respectively.

For example, let's say you have some figures in your file. Instead of linking to them on a different page, why not have the appropriate figure pop up whenever the user moves the mouse above the words "figure 1", "figure 2", etc.
The same can be done with products, people's names, tables, screenshots of websites, or whatever... Even pages from another PDF!

How it works:
1. You create a plain-text file (semi-colon delimited) that specifies the phrases and the image to associate with them. For example, it can be:
Figure 1;C:\My Images\Figure1.jpg
Figure 2;C:\My Images\Figure2.gif
Figure 3;C:\My Images\Figure3.png
Figure 4;C:\My Images\Figure4.jpg

2. You then select the properties of the links that display the images (border width, style and color, among other things), in this dialog:

3. The images and links are then automatically added to the file.
If you choose to do so, a check-box will be added to the top left corner of the first page which will prevent the images from popping up, unless checked.
Also, if you choose that option, a report will be presented at the end, specifying how many images were added, and to which pages.

You can download a sample file from here, which shows how the script works.

If you have any questions regarding this tool, you can contact me directly.


Allan said...

Hey Try67, do you have a PDF example that we can see it in action? I've been doing something similar, and would like to see other working examples.

try67 said...

Hi Allan,

Thanks for your comment. That's a good idea.

I will do it shortly and will keep you updated.

Craig said...

How do I get the script?

try67 said...

Hi Craig,

All scripts can be purchased directly through me. Contact me by email (see the address at the top of each page) for more details.

try67 said...

Post updated with sample file.