Monday, October 23, 2017

Acrobat -- Combine files to PDF from a list

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Update (23/10/2017): It is now possible to use this tool to merge files of all kinds, not just PDFs. So you can include a .docx file or a .jpg file in the list and it will be included in the final PDF.

Update (30/04/2014): Now available, a free demo version of this tool that can combine up to 3 files.
The full version will combine an unlimited amount of files, of course.

If you want to combine multiple PDF files to a single file but want something a bit more handy than Acrobat's cumbersome functionality to do so, this script is the thing for you.
You simply run it with a single click, select the text (or CSV) file with the paths to the files, and within seconds you will have the combined PDF ready!

It's even possible to add individual bookmarks to the final file, pointing to the first page of each of the combined file.

So let's say we have our folder with files we want to combine:

And we've created a plain-text file that contains the file paths:

We run the script from within Acrobat by clicking the menu item it adds to the Tools panel:

We're then prompted to select the input text file:

The script then asks us if to add bookmarks pointing to each of the original files in the resulting merged file. We say "Yes":

The result:

 And the generated bookmarks:

If you have any questions regarding this tool, contact me directly.

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