Friday, July 16, 2010

Reader -- Spell Check Suite

Direct purchase using PayPal ($99 per license)!

This is an adjusted version of my Acrobat Spell-Chekcer Suite (See:, which works in the free Adobe Reader applications.

It contains almost all of the features of the original tool, such as:
- Spell-checking using all the dictionaries installed in Reader, provided the file has Content Extraction and Commenting rights enabled.
- Spell-check an entire document or a range of pages (1,2,4-12, 15, etc.)
- Use of the Zones feature, which allows you to select which parts of a page to spell-check.
- Adding one or more (in a comma-separated list) words to a dictionary.
- Removing one, multiple, or all words from a dictionary.
- Displaying a list of the words added to/removed from the dictionary.
- Removing all spell-checker results from a file.

For more information about this tool you can contact me directly.

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