Thursday, January 27, 2011

Acrobat -- Batch Search Files

This batch script will allow you to process an entire folder of files for a certain term, and then perform an action on them in case the term was found.
The actions available at the moment are:
  • Copy to a folder: Specify an output folder to which all the files with a match will be copied.
  • Create a PDF summary of the file paths: At the end of the batch a new PDF file will be created, containing the paths of the matching files.
  • Print file paths to the console: Will print the paths of the matching files to the built-in console of Acroabt.
  • Print entire file: Will send each matching file to the printer.
  • Print matching pages: Will print only the actual pages in the matching files where the match was found.
  • Print matching pages with highlights: Same as above, but will also highlight the matches on the actual pages.

Here's how the dialog window looks like:

"Buy Now" button coming soon... In the meantime, for more information about this tool, or if you're interested in purchasing it, you can contact me directly.

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