Thursday, June 22, 2017

Acrobat -- Print or Extract Pages from CSV Search Results

NEW: Direct purchase using PayPal ($65 per license)!

Update (22/06/2017): A free demo version of this tool is now available here. It can be used to extract/print up to 3 pages from the search results.

One of the nice new features in Acrobat X is the ability to save the results of searching a PDF file to a CSV file. But what to do with this file once you have it?

This script will read such a CSV file (either in Acrobat X or in a later version), and will print only the pages which contain a match, or extract the pages where these results are located as a new file.

IMPORTANT: This tool can only process the results of a search in a single file, not from a folder or a Catalog.

For more information about this tool, you can contact me directly.

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