Thursday, May 22, 2014

Acrobat -- Create TOC from Bookmarks

Direct purchase using PayPal ($75 only per license)!

Now available: A free demo version of this tool, which will process only the first 3 (sub-)bookmarks in the file and create a TOC from them. The full version has unlimited functionality, of course.

Special Offer: Since this tool is closely related to my other tool, Create Bookmarks from Titles, I'm now offering both scripts for a bargain price of just $99 (each one costs $75 on their own). Click here to purchase them both directly via PayPal.

New Feature: You can now select whether to insert the created TOC into the original file, or just have it as an independent PDF file.

With this script you can generate a fully functional Table of Contents (TOC) for your PDF file, using just the bookmarks structure.
The script will analyze the bookmarks of your file (see screenshot #1) and will add the newly created TOC where you specify (screenshot #2), including working links to the pages the bookmarks link to (screenshot #3).
It will even add an extra bookmark at the top of the list to itself (also in screenshot 3).

Screenshot #1: The bookmarks structure of the original file

Screenshot #2: The script prompts you to select where to insert the TOC

Screenshot #3: The processed file with the new TOC pages, and bookmark.

For more information about this tool you can contact me directly.

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