Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Acrobat -- Create Copies with Unique Codes

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Update (03/03/2015): It is now possible to specify sequential codes instead of random ones.
If you select to have sequential codes the tool will automatically increment the value of the code from the starting number when saving the copies of the original file.

Imagine you have a document and you want to add a unique code to each copy of this document. For example, you are creating a coupon for your clients and want to have 100 unique coupon codes, one in each copy of the template file. How would you go about creating such a thing?

Well, using this new tool I've developed it couldn't be easier!
This tool will duplicate your file, and add a unique and random code to each copy, based on your selections.

All you have to do is add a text form field to your PDF document that will hold the code, and the tool does the rest for you. You launch the tool from the Tools menu bar:

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Then a window pops open where you can select the field, the number of copies you want to generate, the length of the code, plus some other settings as to what kind of characters the code should contain:

And when you press OK the tool generates all of your files in seconds! The results can be found in the same folder as the original file:

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  We can see that each copy has its own unique code:
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The tool also generates for you a list of all the codes it generated (in order) so you can easily track later on which ones have been used (and if they're valid, of course):

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 If you have any questions about this tool, you can contact me directly.

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