Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Acrobat/Reader -- File History Replacement

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Important Note: Due to a bug in the later versions of Acrobat X, this script will not work in that application. It does work fine in Acrobat XI, though.
Also, it seems that due to changes in the user interface of Reader XI v11.0.07 this script can't be used there, either. It should work fine in earlier versions of Reader, though.

With the introduction of version X of Acrobat/Reader, the File History and Organizer feature that used to be available was removed, for some reason. Many people found that feature very useful to keep track of the the files they opened in the past and to re-open them quickly.
Well, now a similar version feature can be brought back into the application using this new tool I've developed, the File History Replacement!

Once installed, the tool keeps track of any file opened, and stores it in an in-memory database.
You can access the full File History archive via a new sub-menu added to the File menu:

The full File History window:

In this window you can browse the entire archive, and even filter it based on date and/or file-name:

File History list, filtered by date

File History list, filtered by date and file-name
Once a file has been selected it can be opened directly via the Open File button. Even files that no longer exist (or have been renamed or moved) will still appear in the File History under their original location, only you won't be able to open them, of course.

There's also an option to temporarily pause the recording of the file history, and then continue it later on, when you wish.

If you have any questions regarding this tool, you can contact me directly.

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