Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Acrobat / Reader -- Print Every X Page

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Important: This script is only compatible with Acrobat/Reader version XI or higher!

This new tool allows you to easily print a subset of pages in a PDF file that you can't otherwise do, either in Adobe Acrobat or in Adobe (Acrobat) Reader.
Let's say you want to print every third page in a 800-page file. Instead of manually entering the page numbers into the Print dialog of the application (and then discovering it will only accept 100 characters!), you can use this tool to easily and quickly generate the pages list that you want to print.

So here we have a file with 805 pages and we want to print each 3rd page, starting from page 5 and ending with page 800, for example:

The file we want to print and the new button added by the script, in Adobe Acrobat
As you can see, the script added a new button to the Tools menu on the right.
If you use it in Reader it will be added under the Extended panel:

The same file and the script's button, as it appears in Adobe Reader
So we now click the button, and this dialog box appears:

The script's dialog window

In this box we can specify which X page to print or not to print (in this case we want to print every third page, so we enter "3"), and from which page number to start printing (page 5, in this case) and until which page number to print (page 800). The default values are every second page, printing from the first to the last pages.

After we click OK the Print dialog appears, with the correct page numbers filled in:

The Print dialog with the start of the Pages list, starting with 5

The end of the Pages list, ending with 800
All we have to do now is select the other printing options we want to use and click on Print, and we're done!

If we want to print every page except for the third pages then we can select the second option in the first drop-down menu in the dialog window:

The result is the following pages list:

If you have any questions regarding this tool, you can contact me directly.

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