Friday, February 18, 2011

Merge PDF Files via Command Line

Direct purchase using PayPal! ($40 only per license)

This is a stand-alone utility for merging PDF files via a command-line.
Using is is very simple. All you have to do is run the following:
PDFMerger inputfiles outputfile
and the tool will combine your input files (in order) and create the output file.

For example, running:
PDFMerger c:\temp\10000001.pdf c:\temp\10000002.pdf c:\temp\combined.pdf
will combine 10000001.pdf and 10000002.pdf into a new file called combined.pdf.

Note: Requires Java.

For more information about this tool you can contact me directly.


Yan said...

So a product description, how it works, what are its dependencies (Acrobat, GhostScript, etc.), let me know a bit more about it. I just won't purchase anything blindly like that, even if its a buck.

try67 said...

When you purchase the application you get a zip file with a batch file and a JAR file. The batch is called PDFMerger and you run it as explained above.
There are no dependencies. You don't need Acrobat or any other application to run this tool.

This tool will also work on a Mac, but then you can't use the batch file and will need to launch the JAR file on your own using this command:
java -jar PDFMerger.jar

Rbergsten said...

Two thumbs UP :-)
This tool made short work of a repetitive task. We had 6,000+ files, 600+ merges required.
With very fast responses (hand holding) from Gilad the work is done.